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The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

How quickly can you complete a project? 

Our current turnaround time is 1 week after you have submitted our pre-design questionnaire.

Do you offer bathroom design and styling services? 

Yes, we are architect and interior designer by trade, with a genuine passion on kitchen design. However, we are more than happy to assist you with other areas of your home as well. Please send us an email for further enquiries!

Are there any built works from your Virtual Kitchen Design Service?

With over a decade of industry experience, we have successfully completed tens of kitchen projects while operating our own practice. If you are located in Sydney, Australia, we can even provide construction management services to oversee the building process.

Why do you offer such a diverse range of styles? 

As a designers, we continuously explore, research, and constantly find ourselves amazed by the beauty of different design styles. We take pride in delivering designs that cater to our clients' unique preferences. This has allowed us to create incredibly unique pieces of work that differ from current trends.

What is your favourite style? 

I personally enjoy Natural Organic and Scandinavian styles. I like to incorporate bold colours that complement natural materials. While some designers shy away from bold choices and prefer neutral colour tones, we believe that the right selection can transform the kitchen into the standout piece of your entire home, the heart.

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